PRESS RELEASE: DraftStormy Storms DC Mardi Gras

January 29, 2009

Campaign to draft Baton Rouge native into the 2010 Louisiana Senate Race launches, stresses campaign is about the economy, sexy.

Washington DC—Against the backdrop of the annual Washington Mardis Gras, DraftStormy, a non-partisan grassroots movement to draft Baton Rouge native Stormy Daniels into the 2010 Louisiana Senate race, celebrated its official launch on Thursday.

To commemorate the launch, DC Mardis Gras attendees were greeted Thursday morning with a complimentary string of Mardis Gras beads featuring the soon-to-be iconic DraftStormy logo in metallic pink on a white medallion. Hours before, the official DraftStormy website went live.

Inviting Louisianans and Americans to “Join the Storm” the website features a petition page along with an extensive overview of Stormy Daniels and her qualifications to tackle some of the biggest issues facing both the Pelican State and the nation in general.

For example, a section titled, “It’s the Economy, Sexy,” examines how the current economic crisis is impacting all sectors of the economy including the adult entertainment industry.

Emphasizing the importance of protecting, as well as rewarding, individual enterprise, creativity and hard work, the section calls for protections against those who would undermine the core of a stable free market economy.

“Stormy understands the double edge sword of 21st century technology in a global market environment,” the entry reads. “Protecting individual enterprise and production in an info-tech economy is one of the biggest challenges we face in our quest to rescue the free market.

“And yet,” the entry continues, “Stormy understands the need for business to adapt to new technologies for survival and to embrace them for success.

“Whether it’s the couple in their garage inventing our next source of energy or Stormy working on her next feature, all entrepreneurs deserve to know that the results of their efforts are going to be protected. This should be the ultimate role of our government in a free market economy.

“Challenging times call for new perspectives,” the entry concludes. “Stormy Daniels will infuse Congress with the experience and inspiration needed to meet these new challenges with confidence.”

Additionally, the DraftStomy site focuses on Daniel’s commitment to promoting female entrepreneurship and protecting children from adult content on the internet, an issue Stormy has long championed.

In a statement released earlier in the day, the DraftStormy campaign sought to stress that, while much attention has been given to the contrast between Daniels and her likely opponent, the current Junior Senator from Louisiana, that this campaign is and always will be all about Stormy.

“As we make our case for Stormy and to Stormy, we seek also to honor her integrity, intellect, strength of character, wit and savvy. These are the very traits that we hope will lead Stormy to accept this unique challenge and they are the same traits we believe will inspire Louisianans to get behind her Storm into the Senate!”



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