DraftStormy Campaign Update!

February 5, 2009

What a week!

When we launched our effort to draft Stormy Daniels into Louisiana’s 2010 senate race just 7 short days ago, who could have known the outpouring of excitement and support this campaign would have generated? With over 35,000 visits to DraftStormy.com, and hundreds of signatures on our online petition, we are confident that Ms. Daniels will not be able to ignore the genuine interest in her potential senate run.

Last Friday, Louisiana’s Independent Weekly ran a brief piece noting that Stormy Daniels was the latest name to emerge among those who might “challenge sex scandal plagued David Vitter in his 2010 re-election bid.”

Stephen Sabludowsky of Louisiana’s own BayouBuzz reported on our campaign’s debut, noting that “to date, there has been no politico to ‘belly up to the bar’ to take on US Senator David Vitter, so perhaps that is why someone with an admirable belly… has decided to jump into the US Senate ring.” Even though Stormy has not yet entered the race, we appreciate Mr. Sabludowsky’s enthusiasm!

In addition, the Baton Rouge Advocate took notice of our efforts, as did the Politico, and DC gossip blog Wonkette.

0203-wgno-stormy-small1Even LSU’s Daily Reveille joined in on the action, noting “Louisiana voters… have historically supported personalities over parties. There’s a tendency in the state to support larger-than-life figures.” While we are sure Ms. Daniels has a great personality, we are confident that should she choose to accept this challenge, Louisiana will come to know her as a capable, articulate and intelligent woman.

And finally, on Monday evening, WGNO ABC 26 in New Orleans aired a segment highlighting our efforts, and noting that Senator Vitter faced a “stiff reelection bid” due to his involvement with the DC Madam. Click on the image on the right to see for yourself!

We at the DraftStormy campaign are excited about level of support we’ve seen so far, and look forward to what the future holds. Please continue to visit DraftStormy.com regularly for updates!

DraftStormy Team


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