PRESS RELEASE: DraftStormy Campaign Responds to Vitter Smears

February 9, 2009

Louisiana Junior Senator Growing Desperate

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – February 9, 2009 ā€“ Today, DraftStormy Press Secretary Zach Hudson issued the following statement regarding Louisiana Republican Party Spokesman Aaron Baer’s smears on CNN this morning:

Aaron Baer’s claim that the DraftStormy Campaign is a “political stunt” highlights the fact that Mr. Baer and Senator Vitter are out of touch with reality. DraftStormy is fully committed to successfully drafting Stormy Daniels to run for Senate and seeing her sworn in two years from now as the next United States Senator from Louisiana. We are confident that the voters of Louisiana will respond to the honesty, integrity, and strength of character that Stormy Daniels will bring to the Senate.

If Mr. Baer wishes to talk about political stunts, he should look no further than Louisiana’s most infamous political stuntman, his boss Senator David Vitter. In an obvious attempt to distract the voters from the serious and embarrassing allegations surrounding Senator Vitter, at the beginning of the most recent Senate session he introduced more than 30 bills that he himself admitted has no chance of becoming law. These bills included such vital priorities for Louisiana such as banning flag burning.

An even more impressive stunt was Senator Vitter’s tax payer funded vacation to Guantanamo Bay. Senator Vitter has made his opposition to the closing of Guantanamo Bay obnoxiously clear; no one believes that the notoriously hard headed Junior Senator would have come out of the facility having changed his mind. It was a cynical, disgraceful stunt which Mr. Baer and Senator Vitter should be ashamed of. Will Senator Vitter’s visit to Club Gitmo bring one job to Louisiana? Will it bring healthcare to the uninsured children of Louisiana? Will it fix our levees, or rebuild our coastline? Louisiana faces serious problems, and it needs people who are serious about solving them, not a grandstanding career politician who only cares about getting himself reelected.

But if Mr. Baer needs any more proof that it is Senator Vitter and not DraftStormy that is the stunt operation in the 2010 Senate race we respectfully submit the following:

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