2010 La. senate race unexpectedly ‘Stormy’

February 11, 2009

By Clifton Lee
Tiger Weekly

Louisiana Politics has always been filled with colorful figures and controversy. From the uplifting speeches of Huey P. Long to the public uproar generated by Edwin Edwards and former Ku Klux Clan member David Duke, most people would think the state has seen every conceivable type of politician – until now.

Although it may seem silly or ridiculous to many, nationally known adult film star Stormy Daniels is preparing to enter the 2010 Louisiana Senate race.

To become an official candidate, Daniels must acquire enough signatures from Louisiana citizens to get drafted into the race. In order to accomplish this daunting task, draftstormy.com, a fan-based campaign Web site, allows site visitors to sign an online draft petition for her candidacy and also allows potential voters to gain more knowledge about Stormy.

According to the Web site, Daniels is a Baton Rouge native who deeply cares for the state of Louisiana. After her birth on March 17, 1979, she lived somewhat of a normal life up into her late teenage years. After dancing at the Baton Rouge Gold Club for a brief period, she decided to try her luck in the adult film industry in 2000.

She subsequently rose to the top of her craft by starring in hit adult features such as “Sleeping Around,” “Spreading My Seed,” and “Island Girls.” After starring in many successful adult films, she began writing and directing adult features of her own through the Wicked Pictures adult film company. In recent years she has also appeared in several mainstream Hollywood films including “The Forty Year Old Virgin” (2005) and “Knocked Up” (2007).

After learning of Stormy’s racy résumé, many citizens may automatically object to giving their support to her. But Daniels is fully aware of her profession causing a backlash against her.

During an interview about the adult film industry on ABC’s Nightline she stated, “It’s one of those businesses that once you make the commitment to do it, there is no going back because of that stigma….like I’ll never be president. I would make an excellent president by the way.”

Some LSU students definitely share this line of thinking.

When asked about Stormy’s candidacy, 20-year-old communication disorders junior Sarah Fontenot stated, “If she’s not qualified for the position, she shouldn’t be allowed to hold the office.”

On the contrary, 24-year-old history senior Kate Fusilier stated her support when asked the same question. “That’s what America is founded on,” said Fusilier. “You can’t discriminate against someone because of their job.”

Stormy’s proponents are aware of the underestimation of their candidate when it comes to her ability to tackle issues. The Draft Stormy Web site contains several articles, which highlight stances on today’s tough issues. When it comes to the economy, Stormy supporters believe her time in the adult entertainment industry has given her a firsthand view of how the recession is economically hurting families across the country.

According to the Web site, “As a dancer, she sees it on the faces of those who come to see her for a little diversion, and as a leader in a multi-billion dollar industry, she feels it in the loss of revenue and jobs…”

Stormy’s online advocates also focus on her passion to protect the children of our state. The campaign Web site states that if elected, Daniels would push for more stringent laws aimed at preventing minors from accessing pornographic material online. During a commercial for the Restricted to Adults (RTA) access prevention organization, Stormy stated, “I’m for your eyes only, not your children’s.”

If Stormy gathers enough support to make an official run in 2010, she will have to compete against a few more experienced competitors. According to bayoubuzz.com, her opponents could include the incumbent David Vitter (R), La. secretary of state Jay Dardenne (R), U.S. Congressman Charles Melancon (D), Tony Perkins (R), and Jim Bernhard (N/A).

Although her chances may be dire, with the recent election of Barack Obama it’s safe to say that anything is possible in today’s America – even an adult film star becoming a U.S. Senator.


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