DraftStormy Campaign Responds to NRSC Smears

May 11, 2009

– Vitter Cronies Unnerved at Stormy’s Momentum –

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NEW ORLEANS, LA. – May 10, 2009 – Today, DraftStormy issued the following statement regarding NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh’s false assertions in Roll Call this morning:

Today, National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh went even further down the rabbit hole of desperation and embarrassment in his pathetic attempt to defend his candidate, disgraced Louisiana Junior Senator David Vitter.

Rather than living up to the Reagan legacy of fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility, Walsh and national Republicans are defending an ethically challenged career politician who is on record as the 5th biggest pork barrel spender in the United States Senate.

In their ill conceived attacks on DraftStormy, “questionable political strategy” one could say, Brian Walsh and the NRSC have begged the question, why aren’t they whole heartedly endorsing the conservative message of Stormy Daniels? Stormy spent the last week touring Louisiana, listening to voters and spreading her message of protecting our children from online predators and replacing the federal income tax with The Fair Tax.

While we do not understand why Brian Walsh and national Republicans are opposed to Stormy’s message of protecting children and repealing the income tax, we recognize their right to do so and look forward to watching them explain this to the voters.

DraftStormy will happily engage them in this debate. And if Stormy decides to go forward and run for United States Senate, Louisiana voters will have the opportunity to choose a candidate who has the honesty, integrity and strength of character to stand up for fiscal and personality responsibility in Washington DC.

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