Clearly the biggest challenge facing Louisiana and the rest of the nation is our faltering economy. Stormy knows first hand the effect our economy is having on working families and businesses. As a dancer, she sees it on the faces of those who come to see her for a little diversion and as a leader in a multi-billion dollar industry she feels it in the loss of revenue and jobs stemming from a dangerous encroachment on the inherent guarantees of our free market system.

With the collapse of the economy, the adult entertainment industry has seen a rise in illegally downloaded and pirated intellectual property resulting in a loss of revenue and jobs in the industry. And yet, the impact of intellectual property theft on the economy is not limited just to the adult entertainment industry. Indeed, the pervasiveness of intellectual property theft threatens to undermine a basic tenant of free market capitalism—that creativity and hard work should be rewarded and protected.

Whether it’s the couple in their garage inventing our next source of energy or Stormy working on her next feature, all entrepreneurs deserve to know that the results of their efforts are going to be protected. This is the ultimate role of our government in a free market economy. Without these protections, enterprise suffers, creativity dims and a once healthy free market system finds itself on a collision course with socialism
Stormy understands the double edge sword of 21st century technology in a global market environment. And she understands that protecting individual enterprise and production in an info-tech economy is one of the biggest challenges we face in our quest to rescue the free market.

Challenging times call for new perspectives. Stormy Daniels will infuse Congress with the entrepreneurial experience and inspiration needed to meet these challenges with confidence.

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