Stormy Daniels has been a fierce advocate for female empowerment in the business world. She has a proven record of success in a male dominated industry. Stormy believes that women can not only succeed in businesses typically run by men, but can do better. This is what inspired her a few years ago to take the reins of her own destiny and add director and screenwriter to her resume. Her barrier breaking has resulted in not only numerous awards and commercial success for her and Wicked Pictures, but in an impressive increase in the number of women directors and screenwriters in adult entertainment. As a Senator, Stormy would be well equipped to apply the model she honed from the adult entertainment industry to the private sector as a whole. Stormy understands the power women possess. She knows that they can go from in front of the camera to directing the camera, from sorting in the mail room to running the board room.

As a Senator, Stormy Daniels would strongly promote the encouragement of women running their own businesses. An increase in women-run businesses would not only be good for women, but for the nation as a whole, resulting in more jobs, increased tax revenue, and more people running their own companies. Female empowerment in the business world is not only important for women, but men as well. Stormy Daniels’ success in the business world gives her a unique perspective all too often absent in our nation’s politics. Her business experience would bring an important voice to the table in a time of economic pain, that of Louisiana’s working men and women.

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